Hey there, I'm Anthony and I'm a
social designer. front-end coder. 3D artist. vector illustrator. RPG gamer. world traveller.

I solve problems – social and individual, analogue and digital, serious and fun.
Check out projects I'm passionate about below or grab my CV up top.
    Platter Prototype
    User Research | Medical Research | Character Creation | Mobile Design | Prototype Animation
    Dietetics patients have a notoriously hard time following their diet once they leave hospital. By motivating healthy meal choices, tracking diet progress, and offering personal counselling, Platter makes at-home recovery a breeze.
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Platter 2.0 project link
    Platter Interactions
    Workflow Design | Information Architecture | Interaction Design | Prototype Animation
    I recently revisited this project with the intention of improving upon the app's core interaction model – taking a photo. Since this is a task done at least three times a day, every day, making it as quick, simple, and pleasant as possible was critical.
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    M.E.E.R e.V. Whale Protection
    Scriptwriting | Storyboarding | Modelling | Texturing | Animation | Post-Production
    Whales and dolphins in the Canary Islands are dying due to ever-increasing tourism demanding ever-faster ferries. The Berlin-based non-profit M.E.E.R. e.V. tasked a team of filmmakers and animators with the production of a promotional video, for which I created the above clip.
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Art 30x30 project link
    Art30x30 Development
    Accessability Design | Paper Prototyping | Web Design | Web Development
    While working at Cermusoni ID in early 2015, the firm partnered with a non-profit benefiting the mentally disabled to print and sell art through an online shop. With initial design direction given, I revised comps, iterated on paper prototypes, and eventually developed art30x30.ch from the ground up.
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RIT Student Information Center project link
    RIT Student Information Center
    Online Surveys | User Interviews | Information Architecture | Typography | Web Design
    Every semester, RIT students fall victim to a confusing, convoluted, and even unusable class registration system. Through extensive user research and design iteration, I created clean and functional mock-ups representing a marked improvement over the current system.
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Umbrella Revolution project link
    Umbrella Revolution
    Social Activism | Print Design | 2D Animation | Social Media Marketing | Web Design
    "How can we further political and social revolution in Hong Kong through the power of design?" In late 2014, my wife's home country was gripped by protests against the increasingly pro-Beijing government. Stuck in the US with friends on the frontlines a continent away, we put our design skills to good use, collaborating with other Hongkongers at RIT to raise awareness among the student populace and across the world.
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Daily Projects link
    Daily Projects
    Improving daily on a different topic every month. Switchin' it up from art to code, music, and more.
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Daily Projects link
    Concept Blog
    How can we think about interaction design in new and experimental ways? Paradigm-crushing ideas here.
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